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Fosseway Tree Services

Why use Fosseway Tree Services?

Trees are aesthetically pleasing and provide important protection for a variety of wildlife. Trees need pruning and maintenance to ensure that they are both safe and suitable for their environment. It is essential that all this work is carried out by appropriately trained professionals with the knowledge, skills and experience to complete it safely and to the highest standards. In all instances we will listen to the needs of our customers and provide you with free advice and a comprehensive written quotation for your consideration.

Our services include:

  • Directional felling of trees – Suitable when sufficient safe space is available.
  • Sectional felling of trees in confined or awkward spaces utilizing climbing and lowering equipment. Used for example on trees that overhang property or greenhouses.
  • Crown reduction – Pruning of the tree to reduce overall size of the crown.
  • Crown Lifting-Removal of the lower branches to raise the clearance height of the canopy.
  • Crown Thinning-Allowing greater passage of air through the canopy to reduce the chance of the tree being wind blown. Allowing light to penetrate and reducing the amount of shadow cast.
  • Crown cleaning-Removal of deadwood or crossing branches that create failure points and allow the introduction of pathogens to the tree.
  • Formative pruning-Applying techniques to promote strong growth and a healthy structure thus reducing instances of failure. This may include annual maintenance and repeat Pollarding of certain species.
  • Restorative pruning-Remedial work to rectify poor techniques such as Topping which leaves a tree looking like a hat rack. We restore the aesthetics of the tree and with time improve the health and vigour.
  • Hedge maintenance whether this is a tidy up or large-scale reduction of a conifer that has got out of control.
  • Tree planting – to enhance a property within a landscaping scheme or to replace a tree that has been removed.
  • Stump and root removal-utilising a mechanical grinder to remove root systems restoring the area to its original condition.
  • Wood chipping-Mechanical shredding of arisings to produce wood chips that can be utilized as mulch or taken for bio–mass.
  • Seasoning and supply of firewood.

All work is undertaken in accordance with BS 3998:010 Tree work Recommendations.

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